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Member Artists
A resumé of our member artists and samples of their work are
viewable by clicking on the thumbnail images below.

Valerie Aponik

Primarily a plein air painter, Aponik is often found along the local waterfront, islands, homes and gardens of Coastal Maine in all four seasons. “Painting on location gives me the most alive feeling of the now. I seek to record that moment, in my own language, through paint, color, form and the play of light and dark."


Kathleen Buchanan

Kathleen was educated and employed as a biologist prior becoming a full-time printmaker in 1999. "Biology and printmaking seem to have little common ground, but much of my training as a scientist has served me extremely well as an artist. Both disciplines require skill at observing the environment."


Barbara W. Chase

Barbara paints plants and florals, animal portraits, landscapes and still-life paintings. She paints on canvas and wooden panels, using traditional tube paints, fluid acrylics, glazes and water-soluble crayons and pencils.


Irene Duplissis

"Rustic realism" would probably be the best words to describe Irene's style of transparent watercolor, as she enjoys mostly the subjects which depict the beautiful character of our New England states, both past and present, that remind us of the simple, basic truths which surround us.


Thea Flanagan

Thea has won numerous awards for her acrylic paintings including First Place in the 1990 Maine Waterfowl Stamp Competition, Honorable Mention at the Maine State Governor's Gallery Wildlife Art Show, and Grand Prize for Region I in the 2000 National Arts For the Parks competition.


Tim Flanagan

Through the use of acrylic, oil and watercolor Tim creates intense imagery by layering color, producing extreme depths in his paintings. He often works for weeks on a painting to achieve the quality and detail which have become hallmarks of his work. Tim's paintings "go beyond the realism of Edward Hopper."


Tim Gaydos

"The composition of a painting is its most important technical aspect. The stronger the composition, the greater the impact. I have been moving more toward abstracting the landscape by eliminating detail, simplifying shapes, and exaggerating colors with the intent of creating stronger composition."


Chris Gray

Chris Gray is an artist and musician hailing from Southwest Harbor, Maine. As an artist, his passion is for landscape and portrait painting in oils. His art has been shown in galleries from Southwest Harbor to Brunswick, and hangs in private collections from Maine to Texas and Istanbul.


Gloria Gustafson

Gloria's original oil paintings appear in many galleries across New England as well as the rest of the country. Her prize winning works depict seascapes, landscapes, florals and marine art.


Pam Haynes

Pam is an “impressionist” artist capturing the essence of the things she loves in her watercolors with the effect of light and color. She does her favorite subjects which include Mt. Dessert Island, grandchildren, and animals. The feeling of being there, the feeling of the experience, she loves to achieve in her watercolors.


Dianne Horton

Dianne’s medium is watercolor and pen & ink, and she loves painting seascapes and boats and lobstermen in peaceful harbors in her unique whimsical style. Her fascination with Belfast’s historic structures has led her to paint centuries-old buildings and homes on a commission basis.


JoAnne Houlsen

"Each artist views the world in a different way. My paintings have a clarity to them, formed with strong, dramatic light and bold color. My hope is that the viewer, when looking at my work, will experience a particular moment--to be transported, in some way, to that moment."


Manny Jomok

"Capturing in my paintings how light affects the color, atmosphere and mood found outdoors on site becomes an alluring challenge to me as a watercolorist. Watercolor's transparency, subtile and gentle effects can produce a creative expression that's unique and captivating."


Ryan Kohler

"I am interested in the formal aspects of representational painting ie. composition/color/value/texture etc. but focus mostly on finding abstract yet implicit shapes and trying to find ways to simplify my subjects"


Beth Lambert

"Nature nourishes, excites, and soothes me. I am not interested in literally rendering a scene. Rather, when I’ve gathered enough outside information, I move to an intuitive dimension. I improvise, playing with color and mark until the painting matches my feelings for the subject. "


Ginny Lane

“Capturing the essence is what it’s all about. What made you stop and paint it? That’s what’s most important”. Ginny likes to capture the mood, energy and light in a painting which she says is best done by painting plein air.” Painting outside forces one to paint quickly and capture the moment most effectively”.


Denis Leblanc

Denis begins his work by sketching, in detail with pencil. He then paints in watercolor, with a combination of techniques to achieve a strong image. He uses transparent and opaque paint to maintain a unique look. Being self taught has enabled him to remain true to his own style without influence from other artists.


Christine Loizeaux

"I am a printer, painter, choreographer and environmental advocate for all of nature. My recent work is focused on exploration and control of the medium of water based ink. In trying to push the boundaries, I have discovered delightful ways to apply and remove the ink to get the best image quality."


Peggy Clark Lumpkins

"My work is done in oil paint on canvas that I stretch and prime myself. I work with transparent glazes, building up the color and dimensionality in many layers. My intent is simply to preserve and raise awareness of the Flora around us."


Linda Mahoney

"I began making color woodblock prints in the Moku Hanga technique, Japanese watercolor woodblock printmaking in 2007. Following two years of practice, color woodblock printmaking gradually replaced painting as my primary medium. "


Penny Markley

Penny has been painting for over thirty years. Her subjects are most often Maine landscapes, both coastal and inland as well as the White Mountains of New Hampshire. She also enjoys painting subjects inspired by the trips she and her husband have taken.


Kaitlyn Metcalf

Kaitlyn’s current body of work, The Starboard Series, makes visible the romance between man and ocean through the extension of the watercraft. The paintings are the accounts of bold men and women who were successfully courted and seduced by the sea.


Erik Minzner

"While I want my work to be reflective of my thoughts and emotions, it is not some way to call attention to myself. Rather, it is a journey of how I, along with others, collectively relate to the past, live in the present, and look towards future. It is by this mantra that great art is created and cherished beyond our years."


Pam Morra

Colored Pencil and oils being Pam's favored mediums she tends to sway toward realism with a focus on color, light, shadow and form. Her love for painting had somewhat of an influence on her decision to move to the beautiful state of Maine where artistic influence is strong.


Cynthia Morse

Using bold, rich, contrasting colors to convey a sense of space, time and atmosphere, Cynthia primarily works in pastels. She works plein air because there is no better model for a painting than the many wonderful views that Maine offers.


Gwen Nagel

Gwen Nagel, a plein air painter, has been painting the coast, the western mountains, and upcountry farms of Maine for many years. She works in pastel, oil, and watercolor.


B. St. Marie Nelson

"I paint primarily with oil on panel, and my process is one that explores composition and natural light. My recent work has focused on books as artistic objects, with a nod to the authors who write them."


Wendilee Heath O'Brien

"Visual story telling began when I was chasing my 3 kids enjoying their sense of wonder at our earth. Now pictures are what stops me in my tracks feeling " Oh my...". As I watch the Downeast Maine I have known all my life becoming more 'civilized', more paved, more terra formed, I record the wilds I hope we won't loose completely."


Edgar Reims

“Everything in my painting revolves around natural color. I think it’s the common ground from which a visual person gets involved. I am enthralled with color. Not just color for color's sake, but how color exists in nature. Color with a little form expresses everything in the visual world."


Ann Rhinehardt

Ann's paintings reflect her love of nature, exploring forms through color, shape, light and shadow. She works in a variety of media including soft and oil pastels, mixed media and encaustic. "By using a wide array of media, I try to challenge myself creatively and engage the viewer to share my impressions of the subject."


Robin Rier

Robin graduated from U. Maine at Machias, earning a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Fine Arts with a concentration on Visual Arts. The joy and complexity of nature provides endless studio space, and indoors she paints from still lifes and from her own photographs. She works mostly in oil on canvas.


Judith Schuppien

Judith’s style is loose and expressive, presenting familiar subjects in a fresh and interesting way. Clear, vibrant colors, active lines, and strong compositions express emotional connections in her pieces.


Roberta Sprague

Light and color are elusive qualities, offering ever-changing patterns that vary with the movement of branches and shadows through the landscape, with the seasons, the time of day, and the weather. Her work is about these patterns.


Christine Sullivan

First painting in watercolors and then oils, the past few years Christine has concentrated on acrylics which seem to suit her style well. Especially the vibrant colors that can be attained with acrylics.


Finn Teach

"In my work I aspire above all to let paint be paint. When applied with intention and care, the brush strokes, texture, tone and color of the paint will do the work of creating a sense of light and space. The success of a painting is in its ability to entertain the eye each time it is viewed."


Barbara Traficonte

Barbara paints in pastel as well as oil and chooses her medium depending on her subject matter and how it speaks to her. " I paint en plein air and also in my studio. Although I enjoy painting still lifes, I am particularly inspired by and attracted to the flowers and landscapes of Maine in all their seasons."


Sue Vittner

"Most recently I have been enjoying painting with my hands. It has become a form of creative spiritual meditation where I allow the paintings to almost create themselves. Magic seems to happen once I pour the paint on the canvas and let my hands be guided to whatever wants to be created."


Gay Williamson

Gay paints in oil. Her subjects range from coastal and inland Maine to flowers and landscapes of Italy and Greece. She summers on Sebec Lake in Maine, and while spending the winter months in Boynton Beach, Florida, she serves on the board of the Delray Art League.

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