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Robin Rier
Jonesport, Maine

Robin Rier lives on the coast in Jonesport, Maine. The scenery provides endless opportunities for interpretation. "Working on location is an invigorating and spiritual experience. When my paintings transport a viewer to a new or forgotten place, or evoke a thought, this is my bonus." Robin's oil paintings carry a unique quality of color and peacefulness.

Robin moved to Eastport, Maine in 1979 where she completed a two-year wooden boatbuilding and design course. Her eye for detail developed along with an appreciation for the majestic beauty of eastern Maine. She married, had a family and owned and operated a bed and breakfast in Machias. Robin returned to university and graduated in 2002 from the University of Maine at Machias earning a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Fine Arts with a concentration on Visual Arts. It was here that she rekindled her love of drawing, painting, sculpting and art history.

Robin has studied plein air painting with artist Sharon Yates, in New Brunswick, Canada. She has taken other plein air painting workshops in Maine with Colin Page and Robert Beck. “I keep learning - the best thing though, is to paint, paint, and paint!"

Her work may be seen in Maine at The Whitney Gallery in Wells, the Maine Farmland Trust Gallery in Belfast, the Woodwind Gallery in Machias and at her studio in Jonesport.


Email: robin@robinrier.com
Phone: (207) 497-5739
Website: www.robinrier.com

Samples of Robin's work:

"George's Wharf" - 11"x14"
oil on canvas

"Liberty Apples, Crossroad Farm" - 11"x14"
oil on canvas

"Lone Birch with Fireweed, Autumn" - 16" x 12"
oil on canvas
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