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Ann Rhinehardt
Vassalboro, Maine

A love of nature, particularly of the sea, is evident in Ann's work. She finds her inspiration in the beauty that surrounds her. As a Maine artist, Ann is never at a loss for subject matter, but she also has been inspired by her travels to New Zealand, the Cook Islands, the Caribbean and the Southwestern states.

Intrigued by the effect of light on the subject matter, Ann tries to capture those nuances and achieve a luminosity in her work. Lights, shadows, shape, color, rhythms and their interactions bring life and feeling to her art.

Ann's formal training in art began at Colby College where she received a B.S. in Art and Biology. While earning a M.S. in Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology, she took a figure drawing class and decided to pursue a career in art. After graduation, she worked for several years in cancer research. During that time and since then, Ann has participated in workshops and classes with Albert Handell, Richard McKinley, Frank Federico, Kathleen Galligan, and Hélène Farrar among other accomplished artists. Ann works out of her home/studio in Vassalboro, Maine.

Ann's paintings reflect her love of nature, exploring organic forms through color, shape, light and shadow. She works in a variety of media including soft and oil pastels, mixed media and encaustic. "I love the interplay of value, color and shape as they define form and space. By using a wide array of media, I try to continuously challenge myself creatively and engage the viewer to share my impressions of the subject matter."

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Samples of Ann's work:

"Fire and Ice" -
Encaustic Mixed Media Collage

"Sailor's Knot" - Oil

"Genesis" -

"Moondance" -
mixed media collage

"Out to Pasture" -
oil pastel

"Thunder Hole Shoreline" -

"Evening Sentinals" -

"Serenity" -
encaustic mixed media collage
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