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Wendilee Heath O'Brien
Winter Harbor, Maine

"While versed in conventional painting techniques- both West and East- I choose to transcend and manipulate these into whatever form is needed to communicate the story I am witnessing. The liquidness of Western Watercolor – its fluid movement of the pigments on paper surfaces so captures rain drenched skies, light emanating from skin or air filled woods. The layered brilliant colors of pastel create surfaces one on top of the other like a sculpture of the depths of a storm stirred wave. Asian Ink Painting’s spontaneous brush movement captures a moment since this medium allows for no going back to re work. Compositionally, as well, there are differences in each medium. Western Works tend to have a focal point placed in one of the 4 sweet spots of the picture plane. The effect is often used to have the viewer outside looking in. This is enhanced by matting and heavier framing. Asian paintings tend not to have a focal point, desiring the viewer to enter the world of the picture."

Contact: who@whopaints.com
Please click here for artist's website: www.whopaints.com

Samples of Wendilee's's work:

"Dawn Moon Over Beautiful Trees on Route 1" -
60" x 20"
Chalk Pastel on Sandpaper

"Enter and Breathe" -
24" x 60" triptych
Japanese Gold Leaf- Ground Rocks and Seashells in water soluble binder

"Secluded White" -
18" x 24" oil on white gold

"Counterpoint" -
32" x 32" Oil

"Raw and Sublime" -
5' x 4' Kinpakku Free standing Gold Leaf Screen

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