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Erik Minzner
Newcastle, Maine

Artist, Erik R. Minzner, is continually inspired by the subtleties of nature’s light, air, and color. Using a variety of media (Oil, Watercolor, Pastel, and Printmaking), his goal is to capture the dignity in the subject before him. On any given day, regardless of the weather, he may be found painting “en plein air”. His longing to be an artist is deeply rooted in his New England upbringing, including spending many summer days roaming Cliff Island, Maine as a boy.

Erik has a B.A. in History from Eastern Nazarene College. He studied art at Heartwood College of Art and with many prominent artists (George Carpenter, Dennis Poirier, and Eric Tobin). Minzner often says that if he is ever considered a great artist, it will be due to those who have come before him. Thus, He is influence by the artwork of the Impressionists, the Cape Ann School, and the rich history of art in Maine.

For more information visit his website: www.erikminzner.com

Recent work:

"Along Rt. 1A"




"Patriotic Camden"

"York River"


"Monhegan Sunset"


"Port Clyde"

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