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Peggy Clark Lumpkins
Brownville, Maine

Artist's Statement

I have been painting for 50 years.

I am focusing on two things now:

Flowers, which I paint indirectly with oil glazes, and

Places in Maine, which I paint directly, sometimes en plein air.

The Flower paintings are an intensive group of studio works whose point is to make botanical aspects and details of flowers more visible and noticeable. These pieces often take a year from start to finish and I work on several pieces at once. Flowers have been a lifelong focus of mine.

My paintings of Maine are also painted in oils, but in the opposing method of alla prima. The point of these pieces is to catch the exact feeling of a particular place, focusing on natural elements but not human details, and to get outside into these beautiful places.

For more information visit my websites: www.peggyclarklumpkins.artspan.com and www.colorafootpress.com

New work:

"Mourning Doves" is oil on canvas, 80" x 15"

"Morse Mountain from Popham" is oil on canvas, 13" x 9".

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