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Christine Loizeaux
Southwest Harbor, Maine

CHRISTINE LOIZEAUX received her B.A. in Graphic Art and Dance from
Bennington College in Vermont. Afterwards, at The Pratt Graphic Art Center in New York City, she focused her printmaking on stone lithography and etching. These media were used to portray subject matter deeply personal to her life: the New Jersey landscape of marsh, brambles and trees and figures of dancers. She continued to perform and choreograph for her own dance company throughout New York and New Jersey.

Later, she held the position of Associate Professor of Dance at Grand Valley State University, Michigan for 15 years. Upon moving to Santa Barbara in 1990, she returned to printmaking, watercolor and choreography.

Christine’s work is primarily process oriented. Interest is in the actual act of placing the ink on the plate, manipulating the image, transferring marks, lines, texture and use of stencil to gain the illusion of depth.

She is also governed by her dual profession as choreographer and filmmaker. Constructing and dividing space, inventing bodily movement, and structured play all contribute to shape her creative surge.

Please click here for artist's website: www.cloizeauxart.com

Recent work:

"Redwood Mist" -
16" x 20" Monotype Print

"Confluence" -
20" x 16" Monotype Print

"Winged Migration"

"Sunflowers in Window"

"A Day at the Beach" -
10" x 10"
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