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Barbara W. Chase
Waterville, Maine

Barbara Chase views her work as impressionistic, with a touch of realism in the mix. Having transitioned to acrylic paints after many years of using oils, Barbara continues to enjoy learning more techniques that allow her to employ a full range of acrylic products to add further transparency and depth to her work.

Barbara is inspired by the beauty of the State of Maine. She enjoys painting outdoors and especially appreciates the challenge of interpreting water. Other subjects include: still-life paintings, buildings, birds and pet portraits. Commissioned works of art invited.

For further information visit her website: http://bchase.artspan.com

Recent work:

"Cat and Mouse"

"Chinese Lanterns"

"Fedora and Teacup"

"Lighthouse Keeper's Cottage"

"Red Hat"

"Tri-colored Cavalier"
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